Two Soldiers

The Veteran in a New Field – Winslow Homer, 1865 I mentioned in my last week of posts that I’m preparing to take my 8th grade students to Gettysburg, and that all things Civil War occupy my mind this time of year.  The trip is quite an undertaking and I’m … → read more

While travelling through Kentucky…

Notorious Rebel guerrilla Champ Ferguson, with his guards after his capture, Fall 1865. Introduction My first post this week introduced “Hiram Hubbard”, a Kentucky murder ballad from the era of the Civil War.  The performance of Jean Ritchie and Doc Watson was our springboard.  For the sake of avoiding multiple … → read more

Hiram Hubbard / Hiram Hubbert

“Guerilla Warfare – Rescue of a Wounded Officer from a Band of Guerrillas” – Harper’s Weekly, December 12, 1863 Every spring, as I finish teaching my unit on the American Civil War, my colleagues and I take our 8th graders to spend three days exploring the battlefield at Gettysburg.  Of course that means … → read more