The Magic of The Bottom Line

& WFDU-FM’s Traditions Playlist for July 5, 2015 Back in 1975, on my first day as a freshman at Fairleigh Dickinson University, I joined the college owned radio station WFDU-FM. My love for radio, and folk music, blossomed in our Teaneck, New Jersey, studios. While I did my best to … → read more

The Return of Mya Byrne

& WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS playlist for May 31, 2015 Note to self: invite Mya Byrne back to the show more often. This might pose some logistical issues as her appearance on the program was a “last radio visit” before she embarked on a move to San Francisco. Still, she intends to … → read more

Arlon Bennett and the Healing Project

& WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS playlist for May 17, 2015 It is no secret that beyond the recognizable entertainment and social merits, music has powerful therapeutic values. Trained therapists have shown that music can stimulate brainwaves to increase concentration and also relieve stress. Studies have shown that music has influence in reducing blood pressure, … → read more

Bridging Traditions – Kristin Andreassen

& WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS playlist for May 3, 2015 Singer, songwriter, dancer, instrumentalist, teacher and creative whirlwind Kristin Andreassen recently paid a visit to my radio show to share selections from her new CD Gondolier. Her performances blend powerful original songs, beautiful vocals, percussive dance and a captivating presence that draws … → read more

Time Well Spent with Elaine Romanelli

The Hour Before

Elaine Romanelli was a guest on my most recent radio show. Elaine visited the WFDU-FM studios to promote her new CD The Hour Before. It is a beautiful recording from a gifted voice that more people need to hear. Her stunning vocals are matched with her gift for creating songs … → read more

Kathy Moser: Doing Her Part for Earth Day

Kathy Moser

& WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS playlist for April 19, 2015 Over the years I’ve had many guests on the program who are more than just singers or songwriters. These dedicated artists are also activists and educators who help enlighten their audiences while they entertain. One of the best, a woman who truly … → read more

A Folk Festival Grows in Brooklyn

& WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS playlist for April 5, 2015 Brooklyn, New York has undergone a renaissance during the past 20 years, and the accompanying issue of gentrification has been well documented in news reports in recent years. After young professionals snapped up real estate deals and a new culture of hipsters emerged, Brooklyn has … → read more

Tom Chapin Celebrates “70”

Tom Chapin and Ron Olesko

WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS Playlist for March 8, 2015 I have presented many guests on the show over the years, and with live radio (or even pre-recorded radio), you never know how the conversation and performance will go. However, whenever Tom Chapin comes on the show, I always know it will be … → read more

Playing Favorites

WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS Playlist for February 22, 2015 With the annual WFDU-FM fund drive coming to an end, my co-host Bill Hahn and I shared a number of listener favorites and requests on this week’s broadcast. We aired these songs partially as a “thank you” for all the generous donations we received … → read more