I was wary of singing that song for a while

Rorey Carroll Part Two of Murder Ballad Monday’s Interview with Rorey Carroll Read Part One of the interview here. Read about the song, “Head Hung,” here.   MBM:  If you don’t mind me asking about this, your brother died tragically and suddenly, of natural causes, at a relatively young age.  … → read more

A sunny dark place

Rorey Carroll “…it’s such a powerful thing to take someone’s life.  It’s one of the most powerful things, and it’s something that anyone could do.  I think people are fascinated with death and murder for the fascination with their own darkness.” Part One of Murder Ballad Monday’s interview with Rorey Carroll.   Rorey … → read more

Head Hung

  I found the music of Colorado-based songwriter and recording artist Rorey Carroll, when she “liked” our Facebook page.  I looked up her web site, and gave “Head Hung” a listen, and heard something I recognized in this original murder ballad.  A few e-mails later, and we had a plan … → read more