Celebrating Josh White – Father & Son

WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS Playlist for November 30, 2014 As many readers will know, I wear two hats – one as the host of WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS and another as the President of the Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. Today’s show involved my juggling both caps, and in keeping with FCC … → read more

Remembering Danny Quinn (1959-2014)

WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS Playlist for November 9, 2014 For nearly four decades, Irish American musician, singer and songwriter Danny Quinn entertained audiences in the U.S., Canada, Ireland and England. He performed in pubs, coffeehouses, concert stages and festivals, singing a blend of Irish and American folk compositions. For over 20 years … → read more

In the Spirit of the Rose Tattoo

WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS Playlist for October 19, 2014 The spirit of the Rose Tattoo permeated today’s show. With the passing of one of the members of this nomadic collective of artists who shared a camaraderie with the traveling hobo, songs about the rails were sprinkled throughout the show. The 3pm hour … → read more

A High Flying Playlist for TRADITIONS – Sept. 21, 2014

Today’s show was for the birds. Literally. A few weeks ago, I was crossing a bridge near the radio station when suddenly, a bald eagle came out of the woods near the riverbank and soared overhead. Seeing this magnificent bird in the wild is an incredible experience, even more so … → read more

WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS playlist for Sept. 14, 2014

Ron Olesko on the air at WFDU-FM on June 15, 2004

While artists release CDs throughout the year, the fall seems to bring the most new recordings to my mailbox. While this doesn’t seem to thrill my mail carrier, I am able to deliver some extraordinary new songs to our radio listeners, and judging from the phone calls and e-mails I … → read more

WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS playlist for Sept. 7, 2014

Today’s show featured a look at Anne Hills’ latest recording Tracks, a beautiful collection of songs inspired by trains. We also gave a birthday shout-out to one of Anne’s musical collaborators, Michael Smith. Another New Jersey lad makes good! I also present a set of “Darling Corey” recordings, showcasing the … → read more

End of Summer?? WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS playlist for August 31, 2014

WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS Playlist for August 31, 2014 HOST: Ron Olesko Labor Day weekend. The end of summer… or is it? When I was a kid, this was the weekend that brought forth significant changes in my life. Yes, it meant that school was starting in a day or two and … → read more