Podcast: In The Fam
Episode #15-40 | airing 9-30-15

There is a long standing tradition of family performers in folk music. Many of the classic old-time country bands such as the Carter Family were comprised of family members. Many traditional musicians learned by osmosis through attending dances and being lulled to sleep on a stack of coats or the … → read more

Three Fishers

Today is Labor Day in the U.S. and Canada. Our song this week is not a murder ballad proper, but I felt drawn to write about it because it portrays the sacrifices and risks of working. Just as my friend, Maureen, mentioned a few years ago how “El Paso” helped her as a child … → read more

I’ve got no more fight in me

As we’ve noted all along, our “mission” at Murder Ballad Monday is to explore both the interior and the periphery of the murder ballad.  We discuss how music helps interpret intense, often violent and/or deadly experience.   Having started out the week with “Harris and the Mare,” a song that tells … → read more