I’ll Lay You Down

Eileen, the band (Christine Stulik [l] and Becky Poole [r], photo by Logan Futej) Prelude (or Preamble, take your pick) “The murders of men tend not to alarm us because, on a certain level, we perceive men as voluntarily accepting risks by leaving the protective bubble of the community to … → read more

Gun and pistol she commanded

(photo by K. Bigger) This is our second post on the ballad “Bold William Taylor.”  To read the first post, click here.When is a murder ballad not a murder ballad?The performance that brought “William Taylor” back to my attention (acknowledging that I had heard it before on Bill Jones’s Panchpuran) … → read more

Bold William Taylor

Illustration from “Billy Taylor” broadside “The Tragedy of the Press-Gang:  A True and Lamentable Ballad call’d Billy Taylor, shewing the fatal effects of Inconstancy.” Transvestism!  Seafaring!  Betrayal!  Murder! In my last full week of posts, I explored “The Demon Lover” or “The House Carpenter.”  In the original, that song is … → read more