Eileen Interview, Part Two

Christine Stulik (photo by Logan Futej) This is part two of our interview with Eileen, and the third post of the week.  You can read the first part of the interview here, and read our introduction to their song “I’ll Lay You Down” here. MBM:  Let’s talk about some other … → read more

Eileen Interview, Part One

Becky Poole (photo by Logan Futej) Here is Part One of our interview with the Chicago-based duo, Eileen.  Today, we meet the duo and dive more deeply into the song “I’ll Lay You Down,” which we introduced in the previous post.MBM:  Who is Eileen?  How did you come together? Christine … → read more

I’ll Lay You Down

Eileen, the band (Christine Stulik [l] and Becky Poole [r], photo by Logan Futej) Prelude (or Preamble, take your pick) “The murders of men tend not to alarm us because, on a certain level, we perceive men as voluntarily accepting risks by leaving the protective bubble of the community to … → read more