Shackleton Banjo Aims to Revitalize UK Banjo Industry

The unique sound of the banjo has been making an astonishing comeback with a new generation of those listening to alternative country, folk, bluegrass, and roots music in both the UK and USA. English folk rock bands like the youth-favorite Mumford and Sons have incorporated the banjo into their music … → read more

Banjo Rolls Trainer App for Apple Devices

Banjo Rolls Trainer App

Czech banjo player Jiri Markalous wanted a better way to practice banjo. He was suffering from the monotony of the metronome; sitting in front of a metronome for hours was simply a pain. It’s a common complaint among average musicians. However, Jiri is not an average musician, he’s also a … → read more

C.F. Martin & Co. promotes Tim McNair to General Manager of Strings Division

C. F. Martin & Co. announced that Tim McNair has been promoted to general manager of its String Division. Effective immediately, McNair will report to company President Keith Lombardi. In this position, he is responsible for the growth of the company’s String business and providing direct leadership to the areas … → read more

New vintage models from Fender and Gretsch guitars

Fender has redesigned its American Vintage series’ Telecaster model to produce classic 1960s and 1970s tones. The American Vintage ’69 Telecaster Thinline, American Vintage ’72 Telecaster Thinline and American Vintage ’72 Telecaster Custom are all period-correct guitars with the same feel and versatility of Fender’s original line of ultra-popular guitars. … → read more