Cecilia: In Bad

        CECILIA In Bad Appel 1331 www.tsmiske.be/stek8/appel/appelstart.aspx   The debut from Belgian trio Cecilia positively hums with energy and invention. Originally a duo of flute/cornet and hurdy-gurdy/cittern, they were joined by diatonic accordion player Greet Wuyts, a move that’s filled out the sound and greatly opened up … → read more

CRAIG BICKHARDT: Live at Sellersville Theater

Craig Bickhardt: Live At Sellersville Theater

          CRAIG BICKHARDT Live At Sellersville Theater Stone Barn 1006 www.craigbickhardt.com   Every time I present Philadelphia-based master songwriter Craig Bickhardt, I introduce him by pondering how it happened that hit songwriters including Janis Ian, POCO, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson came to record … → read more