VARIOUS ARTISTS: Murshidi and Sufi Songs

Murshidi and Sufi Songs

        VARIOUS ARTISTS(Field recordings by Deben Battacharya) Murshidi and Sufi Songs ARC Music 2555   This collection of vivacious and colorful field recordings from Bengal and Bangladesh were recorded by Deben Bhattacharya in 2001. The music is played on instruments ranging from the one stringed drone … → read more

BOO HANKS w/ DOM FLEMONS: Buffalo Junction

        BOO HANKS w/ DOM FLEMONS Buffalo Junction Music Maker 148   Yes, field recordings are still being done in 21st-century America. Here Dom Flemons of Carolina Chocolate Drops travels to Buffalo Junction, Va., to play with octogenarian Piedmont blues guitarist Boo Hanks in his … → read more