Guitarist John Renbourn Passes

Thurday, March 26th, brought the sad news that John Renbourn, the legendary guitarist and Pentangle founder, had died from an apparent heart attack at his home in Hawick in the Scottish Borders. Renbourn was 70 years old. These words from fellow musician Jay Ansill: In 1978, I bought a copy … → read more

SORM Playlist #15-13: The Civil War In Song
(airing the week starting 3-25-15)

Civil War Soldiers

Shortly we will all be inundated with recordings and TV documentaries commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Confederate surrender at Appomattox Court House. The American Civil War has contributed some wonderful historical songs and tunes to the American Songbag. This week we’ll feature some of my favorites from both sides … → read more


Laura Marling: Short Movie

          LAURA MARLING Short Movie Ribbon Records   For her fifth studio record, British folk singer-songwriter Laura Marling “went electric” – a point many will highlight while overlooking the deeper transitions at play on Short Movie. After four critically-acclaimed nu-folk records, Marling moved to Los Angeles and … → read more


          JOHN REISCHMAN and THE JAYBIRDS On A Winter’s Night Corvus 023   Premier mandolinist, former Good Old Person, producer and stellar bandleader, John Reischman epitomizes the “true-vine” spirit of bluegrass music in the 21st century. With his equally visionary Jaybirds ensemble, Reischman proffers an … → read more

ANNA FALKENAU: Féileacán na Saoirse

AnnaFalkenau: FeileacannaSaoi

          ANNA FALKENAU Féileacán na Saoirse Scroll Music 1401   The Irish-to-English translation of Anna Falkenau’s solo fiddle album is, roughly, “Butterfly of Freedom,” an apt descriptor. It reminds me of Kevin Burke projects in the ways in which tunes are freed by putting composition … → read more