SORM Playlist #14-48: Over the River…
(airing the week starting 11-26-14)

Thanksgiving is a time for travel, food and family. This week we’ll serve up a variety of tasty musical morsels for your Thanksgiving holiday and not one tune about turkey! LISTEN: To subscribe via iTunes, click .  |   To listen using Stitcher, click . This episode is brought to … → read more

Should’ve Been Done Long Ago: “Ohio” Part 4

Neil Young, New York 1970 photo by Joel Bernstein This is the fourth and final post of our initial discussion of Neil Young’s “Ohio.” Here are the first, second, and third posts. I know, I know. On the fourth post on Neil Young’s “Ohio,” you’re thinking that I should have … → read more

Paul Robeson film in the Works

English film director, producer, screenwriter and visual artist Steve McQueen, who was the first black director to win Hollywood’s “Best Picture” Oscar last March for his compelling slavery drama 12 Years A Slave, has announced that his next film will tell the story of the legendary African-American actor, singer and … → read more

Get Down to It: “Ohio,” Pt. 3

Crosby, Stills, and Nash perform “Ohio” at a May 4 Commemoration at Kent State University, 1997 (photo: Kent State University archives) This is our third post on Neil Young’s “Ohio.” Read the first here and the second here. In researching my posts on “Ohio,” I came across an online article … → read more

THE ALT: The Alt

          The Alt The Alt Under the Arch 002   The Alt is an accidental trio that came together with a glorious result. Irish-born musician/vocalists John Doyle (guitar/bouzouki/mandola), Nuala Kennedy (flute/whistles), and Eamon O’Leary (guitar/bouzouki) have assembled a well-crafted album bookended by songs that highlight … → read more

CROWE, LAWSON & WILLIAMS: Standing Tall and Tough

          CROWE LAWSON & WILLIAMS Standing Tall and Tough Mountain Home 15022   There are only a handful of the original bluegrass pioneers still active and performing or recording in any measure at all – Ralph Stanley, Jesse McReynolds, Bobby Osborne and Mac Wiseman come … → read more

SORM Playlist #14-47: More Classic UK Folk Rock
(airing the week starting 11-19-14)

This week we complete our two part feature of classic Folk and Folk Rock from the UK we’ll hear some lesser known (but not less talented) performers and bands. The program features The Albion Country Band, John Martyn, The Strawbs, Anne Briggs and a super group called the Bunch comprised … → read more