Podcast: On the Sea and Shore
Episode #16-26 | airing 6-29-16

Mystic Seaport recently held it’s Sea Music Festival. It would seem to be a good time to listen to some music from the sea and shore. On this week’s program we’ll hear music from Cyril Tawney, Debra Cowan, Cindy Kallet & Gray Larsen, Stan Rogers and many more. Let’s go … → read more

THE ALT: The Alt

          The Alt The Alt Under the Arch 002 www.thealtmusic.com   The Alt is an accidental trio that came together with a glorious result. Irish-born musician/vocalists John Doyle (guitar/bouzouki/mandola), Nuala Kennedy (flute/whistles), and Eamon O’Leary (guitar/bouzouki) have assembled a well-crafted album bookended by songs that highlight … → read more