Let my guitar playing friend do my request

Jerry Garcia I first remember hearing Merle Haggard’s song “Sing Me Back Home,” which we introduced in the previous post, in a cover version performed by Richard Shindell. It’s possible I heard a taped Grateful Dead version before then, but Shindell’s is the first one I remember. Shindell added the … → read more

Sing Me Back Home

Merle Haggard‘s 1968 hit, “Sing Me Back Home” gives us three chords and the truth about compassion and the power of music. In it, we hear forgiveness and reconciliation, but with an unwavering certainty of outcome. There is clinging to life, but an acceptance of death. It is about the … → read more

Stagolee: A Digital Compendium – “I’m in a World of Trouble”

This is Chapter 2 of Stagolee: A Digital Compendium.  See also Chapter 1,  Chapter 3, Chapter 4, and Chapter 5 Introduction In the introduction to the first chapter of this digital compendium, I claimed that today we can all look to Stagolee to find some inspiration.  I called him a shaman, … → read more

“The baddest man in the whole damn town…”

Friends, I’ve got a confession to make.  I’m white, but I love Stagolee.  And I don’t just mean the Grateful Dead’s “Stagger Lee”, which was my gateway to the story – I love to hear them all.  I’ve been too busy this week to do this song justice with another … → read more