Grobner & Kolodner: Sun Rise

    MARK GROBNER and        KEN KOLODNER Sun Rise Sunrise Music 11   Mark Grobner and Ken Kolodner are both world class masters of the hammered dulcimer. Ken has performed and recorded with Helicon, Laura Risk, Elke Baker and his son Brad. Mark spends … → read more

CATIE CURTIS: Strech Limousine on Fire

Catie Curtis: Strech Limousine on Fire

          CATIE CURTIS Stretch Limousine on Fire Compass 745632   Oddly, the popular Boston-based singer-songwriter Catie Curtis is sometimes called out for lacking the harsh edginess of contemporaries like Ani DiFranco and Melissa Ferrick. This is an unfair poke, for two reasons. First, Catie’s heartfelt … → read more

THE UNTHANKS: Diversions Vol. 1

The Unthanks: Diversions Vol. 1

        THE UNTHANKS Diversions Vol. 1: The Songs of Robert Wyatt and Antony & The Johnsons Rough Trade 636   The Unthanks have always played loose with the folk traditions of their native Northumberland, England. Though their intricate chamber-like arrangements transform folk repertoire into something uniquely … → read more

To roam all alone on the shore

This is the third of three posts on the ballad “Bold William Taylor.”  Read the first post here, and the second post here.Those of you who have been following my posts for a while may have noticed that I tend to pursue a few tangents by the end of my … → read more

Honor About This Year

illustrated by Ed Courrier

I can’t believe it’s nearly forty years since I parted from my college sweetheart Peggy Noonan. Forty years … but who’s counting? I would let go, but every time I turn on a television political news forum, or pick up a newspaper, there she is again. This time, according to … → read more

Gun and pistol she commanded

(photo by K. Bigger) This is our second post on the ballad “Bold William Taylor.”  To read the first post, click here.When is a murder ballad not a murder ballad?The performance that brought “William Taylor” back to my attention (acknowledging that I had heard it before on Bill Jones’s Panchpuran) … → read more