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Podcast: The Cowboy Way
Episode #16-06 | airing 2-10-16

If you grew up in the 1950s as I did you were interested in Cowboys and the Old West. There were countless movies and television shows depicting the life in the West. Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and others were a ...

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Promotional poster image for 2014 LA Fringe production of "Linden Arden Stole the Highlights"

Linden Arden Takes the Stage

We rarely give more than one week to a song so young and as so closely identified with just one artist as "Linden Arden Stole the Highlights." Our post last week on this Van Morrison song struck a chord with our readers. ...

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Folkfinds: Richie Rosencrans' The Longford Weaver > Carrousel Prime (Dreamer's Circus)

Portland Oregon's Richie Rosencrans gigs around town on bouzouki with his mostly-Celtic bands The Stomptowners, Na Rosai and Outbound Traveler. He uses his personal Soundcloud page to post what he calls rough demos and ideas; many tunes feature his deft ...

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Jean Ritchie

Podcast: Proper Place and Time
Episode #16-05 | airing 2-03-16

All my life I have been fascinated how music fits into daily life. This week on the SORM we’ll examine four recent projects which place roots music into perspective. We’ll hear music released to accompany Peter Guralnick’s fascinating new book ...

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Linden Arden and the Belfast Cowboy

"Linden Arden Stole the Highlights" Van Morrison's album Veedon Fleece (1974) on which today's song appears, represents a bookend to an artistic period in his career; a period that began with his seminal Astral Weeks (1968). Songwriter Glen Hansard once commented to NPR that Astral Weeks made him ...

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photo of John Ashley Murphyby Sheila Newman © 2007

Folkfinds: John Ashley Murphy's New Hot Springs Creek

John Ashley Murphy is a fiendishly talented harmonica player who's only recently gotten around to releasing his debut album, 'Midstream.' While the influence of his rock roots is evident in his playing, John's involvement in the Charlottesville old-time scene (with ...

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Video of the Week

For the incomparable Roy Zimmerman, his guitar, voice and keen sense of satire are as sharp as a scalpel in the hands of a gifted surgeon ... and what better targets of that skill than the reality-impaired parade of buffoons clamoring for the title of "most deluded" as we enter the silly season, a literal barrel of fear merchants scrambling to "save us all" from partisan horrors they've been hallucinating for the past six-and-a-half years ... otherwise known as the modern Republican Primary season. We'll make you a deal: We'll stop calling them clowns, when they stop acting like 'em.