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Brother Sun
Greg Greenway, Joe Jencks, Pat Wictor

Brother Sun to Set in 2017

Brother Sun, the popular trio of Greg Greenway, Joe Jencks and Pat Wictor have decided that the group will cease touring in 2017 and each artist will pursue individual projects.  This will effectively end a six year run that saw the Brother ...

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Podcast: Best of 2016, part 1
Episode #16-48 | airing 11-30-16

Every year there are more and more great recordings released. This week and next we'll sample some of the finest. This week we focus on Singer/Songwriters. We'll hear Gillian Welch, John Gorka, Kaia Kater, Putnam Smith and many more. LISTEN: http://singout.org/audio/sorm/sorm1648_podcast.mp3 To subscribe ...

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Podcast: Over The River...
Episode #16-47 | airing 11-22-16

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving on the SORM with songs about travel, food and family. Thanksgiving is a most American holiday however in the excitement and anticipation of the holiday spent with friends and family not everything is as joyous ...

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Cover image for 'What's Going On' (Motown Records)

Far too many of you dying: 'What's Going On'

“Local draft board No. 4 in a district surrounding State and 35th streets, containing 30,000 persons, of whom 90 per cent are colored, registered upward of 9,000 and sent 1,850 colored men to cantonments. Of these 1,850 there were only ...

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Podcast: When I Paint My Masterpiece
Episode #16-46 | airing 11-16-16

In December Bob Dylan will travel to Stockholm to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature. (Update: Actually, looks like he will *not* be in attendance for the ceremony) This is unprecedented in awarding the prize to a musical composer, much ...

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Lamkin - A most brutal bloody ballad.

Introduction Fragments of time and history filter down to us in the Child ballads. We get whispers and incomplete stories that make us ponder what 'really' lies beneath. This is deeply true in the case of "Lamkin." Like so many of ...

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Video of the Week

OK. That happened. And now it's time to shake off the shock, and get about the business of organizing to stand up against the intolerance, hate, fear and ignorance that banded together to put the least prepared president in the history of the U.S. in charge of the levers of power for the coming four years. He's a con man ... but we don't have to let ourselves be conned, or to sit idly by and watch as the civil rights, ecological, economic and societal gains we made over the past eight years evaporate. Our country is depending on us. Our world is depending on us. Every living thing is depending on us.
           And realizing that reminded us of the beautiful anthem singer and songwriter Rod MacDonald wrote back in the early 1980s (and we shared in the pages of Sing Out! in v.32#1). Here's a live performance of Every Living Thing" by Rod from a performance in Prague back in 1992. As Rod sings: "No matter what they say, there has to be a way ... Every living thing, is counting on us!"