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Podcast: Give Thanks
Episode #15-48 | airing 11-25-15

Thanksgiving is a very special time of the year. Even more than Christmas it’s a time for friends and family to gather when the only pressure is if the pies turn out like Grandma used to make. On this week’s ...

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Angels laid him away - Louis Collins and a folk bloodbath

"Mrs. Collins weep, Mrs. Collins moan ..." Aficionados might argue the point, but it's reasonable to claim that "Louis Collins" is one of Mississippi John Hurt's best original songs.  It is easier still to call it the best of all the murder and ...

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Folkfinds: William Csorba's Up From Columbus

  It's been a while since we visited any fingerstyle guitarists, so today we introduce William Csorba of Houston. Will is a prolific young Texan of the resurgent American Primitive guitar school, already several albums and EPs deep. His work takes ...

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Sam Amidon.

Podcast: New Accoustic, The Second Generation
Episode #15-47 | airing 11-18-15

Last week we examined New Grass music in the late 60s and early 70s. This week we move to the new generation of New Acoustic players who take their inspiration from jazz, classical and rock music. The style features interesting ...

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Photo by Cindy Hunter Morgan

Bruce Springsteen's Highway Patrolman: A Ballad as Prayer

The Early Years I played Bruce Springsteen’s album Nebraska over and over when I was in high school. It’s a dark, meditative album full of rage and sadness, which soothed me. I was sixteen, and had just moved to a new ...

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Folkfinds: Vs. The Troll's Peanut Butter

  One of the things that's fascinated us about the folk community on Soundcloud is the appeal traditional styles hold for many experimental musicians. Jason and Leo of Toledo indie band Vs the Troll are all over the stylistic map, but ...

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Video of the Week

For the incomparable Roy Zimmerman, his guitar, voice and keen sense of satire are as sharp as a scalpel in the hands of a gifted surgeon ... and what better targets of that skill than the reality-impaired parade of buffoons clamoring for the title of "most deluded" as we enter the silly season, a literal barrel of fear merchants scrambling to "save us all" from partisan horrors they've been hallucinating for the past six-and-a-half years ... otherwise known as the modern Republican Primary season. We'll make you a deal: We'll stop calling them clowns, when they stop acting like 'em.