“He therefore did confess…”

Lough Neagh, in windy weather – Martin North, Convective North For our third post on “Young Emily” this week, we’ll travel to Northern Ireland and the banks of Lough Neagh, and there find it called “Young Edmund in the Lowlands Low.”   For the history of the ballad and an … → read more

“Oh Father, cruel Father, you will die a public show!”

View of the Beaulieu River from the Mill House B and B, in the lowlands of Hampshire County, England (courtesy of TripAdvisor)This song makes me want to stay here and sing on this patio! Our first post this week introduced the murder ballad “Young Emily”.  It’s English and was known originally in … → read more

Diver Boy / Young Edwin in the Lowlands Low / Young Emily

Excerpt from a broadside from Durham, England ca. 1860 – National Library of Scotland Here at Murder Ballad Monday we hope every week to achieve two equally important goals; we strive to curate the best possible musical selection around a chosen song and we try to give you something to think … → read more