Blues Icon B. B. King Passes

Photo by Jean-Luc Ourlin-1977

Perhaps the best known and definitely the most influential bluesman ever, Riley B. King (we’ll get to the B.B. shortly) was born to sharecroppers in 1925 in Berclair, Mississippi, a crossroads encampment just outside the whistle-stop town of Itta Bena in the Mississippi Delta. After the war, he traveled to … → read more

RIP Bobby “Blue” Bland

Bobby "Blue" Bland

Robert Calvin Bland, better known as Bobby “Blue” Bland, the “Lion of the Blues,” passed away on Sunday, June 23rd, after fighting an ongoing illness. Bland was 83-years-old and leaves behind a legacy of blues, gospel and R&B that has garnered him comparisons with other vocal legends such as Sam … → read more