You Can’t Win a Race with a Cannonball: Goya, Guernica & My Son John

A dillar a dollar a ten o clock scholar blow off his legs and then watch him holler. — Dalton Trumbo: Johnny Got His Gun  I saw it. — Francisco Goya Bayonet and Musket In 1807, Napoleon Bonaparte launched a seven-year military campaign against England and Portugal for control of … → read more

SORM Playlist #15-07: Back to Shellac
(airing the week starting 2-11-15)

With the introduction of CDs back in the early 80’s many felt the demise of the LP was at hand. For the past decade there has been a marked increase in the popularity of LPs and 78s, sometimes fetching 5 figures in auctions worldwide. Recently, a couple of recording engineers … → read more