JOHN BYRNE COOKE: On The Road With Janis Joplin

John Byrne Cooke's On The Road With Janis Joplin

          JOHN BYRNE COOKE On The Road With Janis Joplin Berkley Books   The Harvard-educated son of apprized British broadcaster Alistair Cooke and great-grand-nephew of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 74-year-old John Byrne Cooke is an award-winning author of Old West epics, an accomplished folk/bluegrass musician (the … → read more

Murder at the Dead Show – Encore

Big Brother and the Holding Company and the Grateful Dead – by Irving Penn, 1967 Janis Joplin – James Gurley – Ron McKernan – Jerry Garcia (This week’s first set.)    (This week’s second set.) When I look at portraits from the Nineteenth Century, I’m always struck by the seeming juxtaposition of … → read more