Folkfinds: Rob Fong’s “Katy Hill”

For those concerned about traditional music’s appeal to the youth today, this week’s Folkfinds is Rob Fong of Asheville, NC. Rob fell in love with Southern traditional music a few years ago and has since become a skilled Piedmont guitarist, banjo player and fiddler. That may not be unusual, except … → read more

Folkfinds: Gratton’s “Winter’s Wisp”


Kurt Plahna of Milwaukee records under the name Gratton and divides his efforts on Soundcloud between experimental music, remixes, and some of the prettiest fingerpicking compositions you’ll find. He owes a clear debt to Kottke, Fahey and others, but manages to sound unique on either 12 or 6 strings as … → read more

LINDSAY STRAW: My Mind From Love Being Free

Lindsay Straw My Mind From Love Being Free

          LINDSAY STRAW My Mind From Love Being Free Self Release   Originally from Montana, singer and instrumentalist Lindsay Straw relocated to Boston in her late teens to study film scoring at the famed Berklee College of Music. Boston’s thriving Celtic scene quickly grabbed her … → read more