Podcast: In Praise of Labor
Episode #15-36 | airing 9-02-15

Joe Hill

In celebration of Labor Day this week’s program dedicated to the American Labor Force. A recent Associated Press survey found 58% of American Adults approve of Labor Unions. This is the highest level since 2008 when 59% supported the establishment of Unions. Organized Labor was the cornerstone in the establishment … → read more

THE REFUGEES (Deborah Holland, Wendy Waldman, & Cindy Bullens) COMING TO THE HURDY GURDY

Hit the play button for a sneak preview of The Refugees This Saturday June 7 at 8:00pm, the Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club Concert Series at the Fair Lawn Community Center will feature The Refugees. The Refugees are a new band that features critically-acclaimed singer-songwriters Cindy Bullens, Deborah Holland, and … → read more