SORM 2008 Pete Seeger Special



This is a CD-quality MP3 file (256 kbps) of a 2-hour, 16-minute re-edit drawn from the three special Fall 2008 episodes of The Sing Out! Radio Magazine, hosted at the time by Matt Watroba. Matt met with Pete Seeger in September, 2008, and discussed a whole array of subjects including his own history, songleading, the power of song and community and much more. The shows were broadcast twice: First later that fall, and again during Pete’s 90th birthday celebrations in May 2009.

We re-edited the shows into this single episode format following Pete’s passing, Monday evening, January 27th. A lower-resolution version of the show is available to stream for *FREE* on our web site HERE … or you can purchase this download to own it permanently. (It’s a big download, so make sure you have a good, fast Internet connection before starting.)

You will have three days before the download link expires … and you can download up to three times. If you have any problems with the link, please contact us!


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