Bound For Glory Coffee Blend
12 oz.




In collaboration with Monocacy Coffee Co., this coffee is produced in dedication to Woodrow Wilson “Woody” Guthrie and his message. Utilizing specially selected organic Direct-Trade Nicaraguan and East Timorese coffees, more of every dollar spent on this coffee goes toward improving the livelihood of laborers in the Jinotenga region of Nicaragua, and Ermera region of East Timor, affording them important resources, such as healthcare and educational tools. It’s also impeccably tasty!

Monocacy Coffee Co. believes that xenophobia is a destructive human mindset, and is the absoulte antithesis to the mission ofall producers of specialty coffees, worldwide. In it’s near-70 year history, Sing Out! has fought xenophobia through its celebration of peoples musics throughout the world.

Through this collaboration and shared missions, our companies hope to spread the message that, through appreciation of arts, food, labor, family and all that makes each of us human, we can all learn to grow and understand each other as part of one human race.

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Weight .75 lbs

Whole Bean, Pre Ground


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12 oz.”