The Best of 2017, Part Two
Episode #18-02 | airing 01-10-18

This week we continue with our survey of the best music from 2017 with a program featuring Celtic music and songwriters. We’ll hear music from Aine Minogue, Usher’s Island, Calan and many more. We’ll also listen to some great singer-songwriters including Dori Freeman, Joan Shelley, Charlie Parr, Bruce Cockburn and many more. It’s the best of 2017, part two … this week on The Sing Out! Radio Magazine.


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Artist / “Title” / CD / Label

Pete Seeger / “If I Had A Hammer” (excerpt) / Songs of Hope and Struggle /
              Smithsonian Folkways
Hanneke Cassel / “Passing Place-Silver Special” / Trip to Walden Pond / Cassel
Aine Minogue / “Chant of Eternity” / In the Name of Stillness / Little Miller
Kitty Donohoe / “The Irishman’s Daughter” / The Irishman’s Daughter / Roheen
Calan / “Ryan Jigs” / Solomon / Sain

Usher’s Island / “Five Drunken Landladies” / Usher’s Island / Compass
The Jeremiahs / “The Wild Barrow Road” / The Femme Fatale of Maine / Self Produced
Hanneke Cassel / Captain H. Munro-Veronica’s Trip to Sophis Antipolis” / Trip to
              Walden Pond / Cassel

Dori Freeman / “If I Could Make You My Own” / Letters Never Read / Blue Hens
Bruce Cockburn / “Twelve Gates to the City” / Bone on Bone / True North
Joan Shelley / “Where I’ll Find You” / Joan Shelley / No Quarter
Eric Brace-Peter Cooper-Thom Jutz / “Hartford’s Bend” / Profiles in Courage,
              Frailty & Discomfort / Red Beet

Chris Thile / “Elephant in the Room” / Thanks for Listening / Nonesuch
Charlie Parr / “Another Dog” / Dog / Red House
Pete Seeger / “If I Had A Hammer” (excerpt) / Songs of Hope and Struggle /
              Smithsonian Folkways

About Tom Druckenmiller

Tom has a long history with Sing Out! as a writer and regular contributor (for more than a decade) and deep and rich skills as a radio host and programmer of folk and roots music! He's been a folk musician and teacher for over forty years. Tom began playing and singing Bob Dylan and Tom Paxton songs, but fell in love with old-time music and the clawhammer banjo after hearing John McCutcheon at the legendary Bethlehem folk club Godfrey Daniels. He has studied with old-time music greats Dwight Diller, Riley Baugus and Norman and Nancy Blake … and has, himself, taught at many music camps and workshops including The Augusta Heritage Workshops (in Elkins WV), the Pocono Dulcimer Fest (in Stroudsburg PA) and the Maidencreek Old-Time Music Festival (in Blandon PA). Druckemiller’s continuing regular local radio gig “In The Tradition” has aired on WDIY-FM in Allentown PA for the past 16 years, and he also co-hosts the “Sunday Folk” program on the station.

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