TWO OF A KIND: We’re All In This Together

Two of A Kind's We're All In This Together


We’re All In This Together

Vibrant, hook-laden arrangements featuring members of the Fractals, Huffamoose and Acoustic Blender, Dave Posmontier (keyboards), Stan Slotter (trumpet. flute), and Paul Butler (clarinet), and didgeridoo master Harold E. Smith, and uplifting vocal harmonies radiate from the ninth album aimed at the younger set by David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans’s Pennsylvania-based duo, Two of a Kind. The only non-original, the New Orleans-ish title track (by Philadelphia rapper Kuf Knotz, who adds his rapping) sets the album’s pace with its call for unity and cooperation. While some songs (“Even When No One’s Watching,” “I’ve Gotta Hand It To Mom”) come off a little preachy, projecting more a view adults would love to see in kids than true expressions of childhood, the album is redeemed by such standout tracks as the Andean-flavored “Oh, Guanico,” the Australian-esque “Out In the Outback,” and the jazzy “I Dig Reading.” “Kelp” immortalizes the nutritious seaweed to the melody of the Beatles’ “Help,” while “Sing! Bang! Boom! It’s a Symphony” celebrates the joys of music – natural and human-made. Children’s choruses from the Cheltenham Elementary and Abington Friends Schools and the Heitler-Klevand’s twin sons, Ari and Jason, add to the album.

Craig Harris

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