Podcast: Solidarity Forever!
Episode #16-36 | airing 9-07-16

Folk Music has been allied with the Labor Movement for generations. This week on our program we’ll hear classic songs from such labor stalwarts as Aunt Molly Jackson, Emma’s Revolution, Si Kahn, John McCutcheon and many more including some surprises.


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Artist / “Title” / CD / Label

Pete Seeger / “If I Had A Hammer”(excerpt) / Songs of Hope and Struggle / Smithsonian Folkways
Ani DiFranco & Utah Philips / “Joe Hill” / Fellow Workers / Righteous Babe
Seattle Labor Chorus / “Welcome Union Members” / Songs of Working People / Self Produced
The Almanac Singers / “Talking Union” / Classic Labor Songs / Smithsonian Folkways
Emma’s Revolution / “Stand Together” / Revolutions Per Minute / Moving Forward
Gene Autry / “The Death of Mother Jones” / Protest / Viper

Maria Dunn / “Shareholder’s Reel” / Piece by Piece / Self Produced
Craig Johnson / “Intro and Fire in the Jackpine” / Deep Woods and Hollows / Field Recorders Collective
Si Kahn & the Looping Brothers / “Aragon Mill” / Aragon Mill / Strictly Country
Magpie / “The L&N Don’t Stop Here Any More” / Working My Life Away / Collector Records
Ani DiFranco & Utah Philips / “The Internationale” / Fellow Workers / Righteous Babe

Aunt Molly Jackson / “Ragged Hungry Blues Pt. 1” / The Little Red Box of Protest Songs / Proper
Anne Feeney / “Whatever Happened to the Eight Hour Day” / Union Maid / Self Produced
David Rovics / “Minimum Wage Strike” / Behind the Barricades: The Best of David Rovics / A K Press
John McCutcheon / “What We Want” / Joe Hill’s Last Will / Appalsongs
Charlie King / “Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been” / Food Phone Gas Lodging / Flying Fish
Elaine Purkey / “Picket Line Lady” / Mountain Music, Mountain Struggle / Marimac
Almanac Singers / “Solidarity Forever” / Protest Songs / Not Now
Pete Seeger / “If I Had A Hammer”(excerpt) / Songs of Hope and Struggle / Smithsonian Folkways

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