Podcast: Crossing the Big Pond
Episode #16-11 | airing 3-16-16

This week we take a look at Americans taking their shot at Celtic tunes, featuring talented artists such as Tim O’Brien, Liz Carroll, Solas, The Gaslight Tinkers and more!


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Artist / “Title” / CD / Label

Pete Seeger / “If I Had A Hammer” / Songs Of Hope And Struggle /
Liz Carroll / “Clark’s Favorite-Pigeon on the Gate” / Liz Carroll
         / Green Linnet
Solas / “Standing on the Shore” / All These Years / THL
Eileen Ivers / “Green Fields of America” / Beyond the Bog Road
         / Musical Bridge
Charm City Junction / “Torn Jacket-Come West Along the Road”
         / Charm City Junction / Patuxent

Tim O’Brien / “Yew Piney Mountain-Dusty Miller” / The Crossing
         / Alula
Sylvia Herold / “The merchatn’s Daughter” / A Bowl of Crystal
         Tears / Tuxedo
The Gaslight Tinkers / “Morrison’s-Bird’s Nest” / The Gaslight
        Tinkers / Self Produced
Liz Carroll / “The Western Reel-The Road to Recovery” / Liz
        Carroll / Green Linnet

Robert Sarazin Blake with John McSherry / “I’ve Been Waiting” /
        A Long Series of Nights Forgotten-The Belfast Sessions / Same Room Records
All Hands Around / “Rambling Irishman” / Irish Music / Folk Legacy

Burning Bridget Cleary / “Scones of Boxty” / These Are the Days /
Lisa Null / “The irish Patriot” / Legacies / Folk Legacy
Joe Derrane with John McGann / “The Bantry Lasses-Molly on the
        Shore” / Grove Lane / Compass
Pete Seeger / “If I Had a Hammer (excerpt)” / Songs of Hope and Struggle /
        Smithsonian Folkways

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