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Pine Hill Project

Pine Hill Project – Tomorrow You’re Going


In doing covers there’s a clear line between recitation and interpretation. The Pine Hill Project is a collection of covers that all come down cleanly and clearly on the interpretive side of the fence. Lucy Kaplansky and Richard Shindell, who are the Pine Hill Project, ‘get’ this dynamic completely. Larry Campbell’s production is gentle as it allows the songs and singers to shine. Larry playing guitars, mandolin and pedal steel is always a wonderful instrumental presence. Byron Isaacs on bass and Dennis McDermott and Justin Guip are the rhythm section with Bill Payne on piano and Sara Milonovich on fiddle are occasional contributors. Song selections are smart and treated with love and respect. None are so well known that they are permanently imbedded in the Great Public Consciousness. Thus the listener gets to participate in the sense of discovery. Tomorrow You’re Going is a warm and rewarding album that grows better with each listen. — MT

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