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Low Lily's Low Lily

Low Lily – Low Lily


The only problem with this album is that there isn’t more of it. They call it an EP, which I guess it is, given that there are only six tracks (I’ve always wondered why we still use that term, we seldom refer to albums as LPs anymore). Still, each of track is wonderful, with each also serving to demonstrate the wonderful range that the band is capable of. The three members all sing, play, and contribute equally to the clean, wonderfully economical arrangements here, and production by the masterful Scott Nygaard. There are some additional musicians, some of them atypical for this kind of trio, such as trombone on “The Girl’s Not Mine.” “House Carpenter” and “Cherokee Shuffle” are standards, with lots of modernity brought to both, and they sit comfortably with the originals. They describe the project as a collections of songs from the road, yet, even with just these six tracks, they are able to take us on a wonderful journey through a wealth of ideas, musical and otherwise. But, again, it’s too short; It’s as if this collection is a resume of a sort, or a statement that “this is what we’d like to do.” It leaves me thinking, great, by all means please do. The sooner the better. They are a wonderful group, and if you missed this one this year, this is my early holiday gift to you: go listen to it. You’ll be glad you did. — GH

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