Podcast: Ballads, Old and New, pt. 2
Episode #15-43 | airing 10-21-15

This week we complete our two part ballad feature with a series of selections collected by James Francis Child. Later we’ll hear a set of unaccompanied ballads from the Southern Mountains and explore a long set of English ballads in modern and traditional settings from Fairport Convention, The Young Tradition, Steeleye Span and more.


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Artist / “Title” / CD / Label

Pete Seeger / “If I Had A Hammer” / Songs Of Hope And Struggle /

Pete Seeger / “If I Had a Hammer (excerpt)” / Songs of Hope and
        Struggle / Smithsonian Folkways

The Baltimore Consort / “Green Garters” / Watkins Ale / Dorian
Anais Mitchell &Jefferson Hamer / “Willies Lady” / Child Ballads /
        Thirty Tigers
Anna & Elizabeth / “Greenwood Sidey” / Anna & Elizabeth / Free Dirt
John Roberts & Debra Cowan / “Gypsum Davey” / Ballads Long & Short /
        Golden Hind

Addie Graham / “Lonesome Scenes of Winter” / Been A Long Time
        Traveling / June Appal
Doug Wallin / “Omie Wise” / Family Songs and Stories / Smithsonian
Dellie Norton / “Pretty Fair Miss in her Garden” / Dark Holler /
        Smithsonian Folkways
Lee Monroe Presnell / “The House Carpenter” / Ballads and Songs
        of Tradition / Folk Legacy
The Baltimore Consort / “Galliard Can Shee Excuse” / Watkins
        Ale / Dorian

Fairport Convention / “Reynardine” / Liege & Lief / Island
Martin Simpson / “Lady Gay” / Vagrant Stanzas / Topic
Anne Briggs / “She Moved through the Fair” / A Collection / Topic
Young Tradition / “Down Derry Fair” / The Young Tradition / BGO
Steeleye Span / “When I Was on Horseback” / Ten Man Mop or Mr.
        Reservoir Rides Again / Shanachie

Pete Seeger / “If I Had a Hammer (excerpt)” / Songs of Hope and Struggle /
        Smithsonian Folkways

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