Podcast: A Chill In The Air
Episode #15-39 | airing 9-23-15

It’s been one of the warmest summers on record up here in the Northeast. The change to Autumn weather will be most welcome. The Fall is my favorite time of the year. It takes so long to arrive and then stays for only a few short weeks before Winter pushes it aside with ice and snow and frigid temperatures. This week on the Sing Out! Radio Magazine we’ll hear some of my favorite music in honor of the Autumnal Equinox which arrived on Sept 23rd.


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Artist / “Title” / CD / Label

Pete Seeger / “If I Had A Hammer” / Songs Of Hope And Struggle /

Kenny Jackson / “The Ninth of October” / The Shortest Day / Crow Hill
Jay Ungar & Mollie Mason / “Bound for Another Harvest Home” /
        Harvest Home / Angel
Bruce Cockburn / “Fall” / Sunwheel Dance / Columbia
Tim O’Brien / “The Apple Press-The Apple Cart” / Two Journeys /
        Howdy Skies
Kitty Donohue / “Come On Girls” / Northern Border / Roheen

Andy Griffith / “What It Was, Was Football” / The Wit & Wisdom of
        Andy Griffith / Capitol-EMI
John Reischman & the Jaybirds / “Fall” / The Road West / Corvus
Michael Cooney / “Apple Picker’s Reel” / The Cheese Stands Alone /
Kenny Jackson / “The Ninth of October” / The Shortest Day / Crow Hill

Tom Rush / “Urge For Going” / Celebrates 50 Years of Music /
Jim Taylor / “One October Morn” / One October Morn / Pearl Mae
Regina Delaney / “I Tell Me Ma” / Songs of the Seasons / New
        Hampshire State Council on the Arts Records
All Day Breakfast Stringband / “Rosie in the Leaves” / Shanghai /
        Self Produced

Cindy Kallett & Grey Larsen / “October Song” / Cross the Water /
        Sleepy Creek
Robin & Linda Williams / “October Light” / Deeper Waters /
        Red House

Pete Seeger / “If I Had a Hammer (excerpt)” / Songs of Hope and Struggle /
        Smithsonian Folkways

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