Folkfinds: Jesper Deleuran’s “Pretty Saro”

DeleuranFolkfinds has hit Scandinavian old-time before, but our visit to Jesper Deleuran marks our first time in Denmark. Jesper is an old-time enthusiast with a command of several instruments, an eclectic repertoire of traditional American songs, and a voice that is warm and husky, familiar on first listen and consistently delightful. Of his many standout tracks, we’re highlighting the always lovely Pretty Saro; Jesper’s self-taught two finger banjo picking provides a somewhat unusual accompaniment to this tender ballad that works a charm.

Q & A

What is your goal in recording and sharing music?

My goal is simply to keep myself in shape and share the joy of making music with others. I share it on SoundCloud and especially Facebook, and hope to get a positive response from people who hear it.

Come up with a descriptive, original genre name for your music.

Traditional American Folk Music. Also known as Old-time Music.

Who do you view as a likely audience for your music?

I don’t really know, but I guess mainly people who already are familiar with the genre of music I play.

If trapped on a desert island with only 3 songs, which would they be?

Oh I hate this question. I know and love so many songs, I wouldn’t be able to decide. Almost like asking, “You have 10 kids. Which one would you bring to a desert island.” Impossible to answer!

Is there an instrument you do not currently play that you’d like to learn?

I play a number of stringed instruments, and seem to be able to get something useful out of most of them, but one instrument I have owned for about 40 years but never really learned to play, is the fiddle.
I have also toyed with the thought of playing saxophone, but wind instruments are simply not my thing.

Who is your musical hero(es), if any?

Another tough question to answer. Again there are so many. But anyway a couple of favourites comes to mind. Doc Watson and Norman Blake.
But I have many favourites as I like to listen to a lot of different genres. Jazz, blues, classical and so on. There are wonderful music everywhere.

You can hear more from Jesper Deleuran’s Youtube Page: Click Here

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