Podcast: The Midwest, Part 2
Episode #15-29 | airing 7-15-15

John Prine

This week we conclude our Summer travels through the Midwest on The Sing Out! Radio Magazine-Midwestern Routes Pt. 2. These programs are dedicated to the master folksinger Art Thieme who passed on May 26. We’ll hear some of the best known songwriters and lesser known traditional players including some Polka! Join us for our travels through the heartland of America. Next week we’re off to Louisiana.


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Artist / “Title” / CD / Label

Pete Seeger / “If I Had A Hammer” / Songs Of Hope And Struggle /

Chirps Smith / “Apple Knocker” / Midwestern Harvest / Marimac
Art Thieme / “A Lumber Camp Tale” / The Older I Get, The Better
         I Was / Waterbug
Art Thieme / “The Pokegama Bear” / The Older I Get, The Better
         I Was / Waterbug
Craig Johnson / “Away Down the Road” / Away Down the Road / 5-String
Bob Gibson / “Gilgarry Mountain” / Yes I See / Elektra

Tom Paxton / “The Mayor of MacDougal Street” / Redemption Road / Pax
Anne Hills & Michael Smith / “The Dutchman” / Paradise Lost &
        Found / Redwing
Steve Goodman / “The Ballad of Penny Evans” / Somebody Else’s
        Troubles / Buddah
John Prine / “Souvenirs” / Diamonds in the Rough / Atlantic
Chirps Smith / “Calico Corn” / Midwestern Harvest / Marimac

Kitty Donohoe / “Mackinac Bridge-St. Anne’s Reel” / Bunyan and
        Banjoes / Roheen
Mrs. Otto Rindlisbacher / “The Pinery Boy” / Folk Music from
        Wisconsin / Smithsonian-Folkways
Noah Beavers / “Going to London to Get Me a Wife” /Folksongs
        of Illinois Vol.2 / Illinois Humanities Council
The Steve Meisner Band / “Meisner Magic” / Deep Polka /
        Smithsonian Folkways

Bob Dylan / “Girl from the North Country” / The Witmark Demos /
        Columbia Legacy
Greg Brown / “Four Wet Pigs” / The Iowa Waltz / Red House
Art Thieme / “A North Country Tragedy” / The Older Get, The
        Better I Was / Waterbug

Pete Seeger / “If I Had a Hammer (excerpt)” / Songs of Hope and Struggle /
        Smithsonian Folkways

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