SORM Playlist #15-14: Tie Dyed Folk, Part 1
(airing the week starting 4-01-15)

Pops Orchestra play Simon and Garfunkel

Around 1967 the recordings in the folk music sections of record stores began to have quite a different appearance. Influenced by the psychedelic movement on the West Coast new artists began to appear. Tim Buckley, Joni Mitchell and established artists like Simon & Garfunkel began to change the musical palate. The Youngbloods and other folk-rock bands shifted their focus from New York City to San Francisco and Los Angeles. In Pt. 1 of Tie Dyed Folk we’ll focus on some of the artists who changed the face of American folk music after the Summer of Love.


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Artist / “Title” / CD / Label

Pete Seeger / “If I Had A Hammer” / Songs Of Hope And Struggle /

Peter Lang / “Muggy Friday” / The Thing at the Nursery Room Window /
Pete Nelson / “Summer of Love” / The Restless boy’s Club / Signature
Joni Mitchell / “Cactus Tree” / Song To A Seagull / Reprise
Circus Maximus / “Fading Lady” / Circus Maximus with Jerry Jeff
        Walker / Vanguard

Tim Buckley / “Morning Glory” / Goodbye and Hello / Elektra
Simon and Garfunkel / “Fakin’ It” / Bookends / Columbia
Rosebud / “Western Wisconsin” / Rosebud / Warner Brothers-
        Collector”s Choice
Peter Lang / “Adair’s Song” / The Thing at the Nursery Room
        Window / Takoma

Arlo Guthrie / “The Unbelievable Motorcycle Tale” / Tales of ’69 /
        Rising Son
Laura Nyro / “Gibsom Street” / New York Tendaberry / Columbia

Jefferson Airplane / “Embryonic Journey / Surrealistic Pillow / RCA
The Youngbloods / “Darkness, Darkness” / Elephant Mountain / RCA
Moby Grape / “8:05” / Listen My Friends! / Columbia

Pete Seeger / “If I Had A Hammer” / Songs of Hope and Struggle /


SORM Playlist #15-14: Tie Dyed Folk, Part 1
(airing the week starting 4-01-15)
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  1. “8:05” by Moby Grape is one of the best unknown tunes from that era!!! Anything from Surrealistic Pillow by the Jefferson Airplane always deserves airplay!!! Both gentle and hard tunes on that album!!