End of Summer?? WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS playlist for August 31, 2014

Playlist for August 31, 2014
HOST: Ron Olesko

Labor Day weekend. The end of summer… or is it? When I was a kid, this was the weekend that brought forth significant changes in my life. Yes, it meant that school was starting in a day or two and life as I knew it would be forever altered. There were other changes too. September meant a new season of TV shows to watch. It meant that it was time to take the football out of the closet and put the baseball bat and mitt away. It meant putting away the shorts and t-shirts and getting out the long pants and button downs. It meant heading indoors until the spring.

In retrospect, and in context with the lives we lead today, those days were crazy. We realize that the summer weather will continue on for a few more weeks. I’m no longer in school. TV really doesn’t have “seasons” anymore, not that I watch much of it anyway these days. I realized that I never really liked football to begin with and I really watch soccer (which is the real football) 12 months of the year.

So, on today’s show I did share the traditional “summer end” songs, but I tried to remind the audience that all is not lost. We don’t give up without a fight. I’m not ready to trade lemonade for apple cider!

On a sad note, we paid tribute to New England folksinger Rick Lee who passed away during the past week at the age of 71. He was a wonderful banjo picker and interpreter of folk song. I did not know him very well, but I recall a brief but lovely chat we once had at NERFA. A warm and wonderful New Englander with a great love for American folk songs. He will be missed.

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ARTIST Tune / Song
Theme: HARVEY REID “Dirty Dish Rag”
Solo Guitar Sketchbook Woodpecker Records – www.woodpecker.com
CHERYL WHEELER “Summer’s Almost Over”
Defying Gravity Rounder – www.rounder.com, www.cherylwheeler.com

CHRISTINE ALBERT “On That Beautiful Day”
Everything’s Beautiful Now Moonhouse Records – www.moonhousercords.com, www.chrstinealbert.com
VANCE GILBERT “Unfamiliar Moon”
BaD Dog Buffet Disismye Music – www.vancegilbert.com
Whispered Words PhatCat Records – www.folkapotamus.com

NELSON WRIGHT “Miller’s Wheel”
Orphans & Relics self – www.nelsonwright.com
Milltowns self – www.markerelli.com
TOWNES VAN ZANDT “Tecumseh Valley”
Live at the Old Quarter, Houston, Texas Tomato – Egge Company – www.theeggecompany.com

KINGSTON TRIO “A Much Better View of the Moon”
Born at the Right Time self – www.kingstontriostore.com
THE CUMBERLAND TRIO “Song for a Drifter”
Lost and Found The 1964 New York Sessions Fiery Gizzard – www.thecumberlandtrio.com
Until We Get it Right GNP Crescendo – www.gnpcrescendo.com

CATFISH KEITH “Cross the River of Jordan”
If I Could Holler Fish Tail Records – www.catfishkeith.com
GUY DAVIS “Come Back Baby”
Legacy Red House Records – www.redhouserecords.com, www.guydavis.com

DOC & MERLE WATSON “Summertime”
Elementary Doctor Watson Tomato – Egge Company – www.theeggecompany.com

THE WAILIN’ JENNYS “All the Stars”
Bright Morning Stars Red House Records – www.redhouserecords.com, www.thewailinjennys.com
CHRIS KOKESH “A Night Like This”
October Valentine self – www.chriskokesh.com
MATT NOKA “You Ae My Moonshine”
A Dozen Other Loves self – www.mattnoka.com

FRED HOLSTEIN “Urge For Going”
Live at the Earl of Old Town self – www.fredholstein.com
SUSAN WERNER “Turn, Turn, Turn”
Classics self – www.susanwerner.com

SHAWN COLVIN “American Jerusalem”
All Fall Down Nonesuch – www.nonesuch.com, www.shawncolvin.com
Somewhere Near Paterson Signature Sounds Recordings – www.signaturesounds.com, www.richardshindell.com

CLIFF EBERHARDT “Summers in New Jersey”
Cornelia Street Songwriters Exchange out of print – out of print
Cool Morning self – www.sloanwainwright.com
GARNET ROGERS “Summer’s End”
Summer’s End Snow Goose – www.garnetrogers.com

RICK LEE “Friend for Life”
Look What Thoughts Will Do self – www.ricklee.org
RICK LEE “Thanksgiving”
Look What Thoughts Will Do self – www.ricklee.org

ASHLEY DAVIS “Dreams Will Come”
Night Travels Daisy Rings Music – www.daisyrings.com
STEVE GILLETTE & CINDY MANGSEN “The Road Through the Woods”
Being There Compass Rose Music – www.compassrosemusic.com

The BBC Sessions Fuel 2000 Records – www.lw3.com
NORMAN BLAKE “Down Home Summertime Blues”
Back Home in Sulpher Springs Rounder – www.rounder.com
JAY & ABBY MICHAELS “The Last Rose of Summer”
For A Moment self – www.theharperandtheminstrel.com

LIVINGSTON TAYLOR “Songs That Should Never be Played on the Banjo”
Snapshot Whistling Dog – www.livingstontaylor.com
Evie Ladin Band self – www.evieladin.com

DAVE VAN RONK “House of the Rising Sun”
Down in Washington Square Smithsonian Folkways – www.folkways.si.edu

PAUL CLAYTON “Gotta Travel On”
Paul Clayton: Folk Singer Omni Recording – www.worldwentdown.com/omni
CYRIL TAWNEY “Banks of the Roses”
The Song Goes On ADA Recordings – www.adarecordings.org.uk
JUDY COLLINS “The Coming of the Roads”
Live at Newport Vanguard – www.vanguardrecords.com
Ron Olesko
1000 River Road
Teaneck, NJ 07666

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For over 40 years, Ron has been a radio programmer with WFDU-FM in Teaneck, New Jersey. He created WFDU-FM's TRADITIONS in 1980, a show that he continues to host and produce every Sunday afternoon from 3 to 6pm Eastern Time. He's the president of and booker for the Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, and is a regular contributor to Sing Out! as well as the host of the Folk Music Notebook blog on this site. Ron can also be found emceeing concerts and festivals around the NYC/NJ area. A lifelong Mets fan and a rabid soccer geek, Ron is a Red Bull season ticket holder since their inception and will most likely be in his seat when not in the studio.

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