MONICA DA SILVA: Brasilissima

Monica Da Silva: Brasilissima

Socialite Fiasco Music

The second album from Brazilian vocalist da Silva (who has long lived in the US), continues and develops the unalloyed joy of her debut. She mixes up sophisticated Brazilian pop (known as MPB) with some silky samba and laid back bossa nova, but all seen through a 21st century spectrum. Along with partner Chad Alger, she’s created some beautiful compositions, both in English and Portuguese, that glide and swoop with sultry, sensual conviction. As a singer she’s a class above the pack, up there with some of the top Brazilian singers, steeped in the classics but not a slave to them. Da Silva is developing her own sound, drawing from the past but building the future. The arrangements are low-key and subtle, pushing the song along but more intent on framing her voice. She’s someone who has a big future ahead of her.

Chris Nickson

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