RACHAEL SAGE: Haunted By You

Rachael Sage: Haunted By You

Haunted By You
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“Regal” is not usually a word I would generally use to describe Rachael Sage, but on her 10th CD, it is a perfect fit. Her cover portrait is just that, regal, composed, classic, yet graceful. Look closer at Rachael’s beautifully coiffed medieval-looking dark hair upswept with ribbons; you’ll also see her characteristic red streaking in the chignon. Rachael certainly defines her own art on her own terms.

From the cover art on in, Haunted By You is a lovingly stitched tapestry that’s been beautifully framed, yet sensual, vulnerable, and reflective. Written from Rachael’s self described “year of passion” Rachael let’s us in with her intimately exposed vocals and writing, subliminally coaxing the listener to ache as if it’s his/her own story.

“California” shows how “almost committing” has its consequences, yet, the unexpected fall when you’re let go by one who will no longer wait. “What happened to the plans we had to just keep floating” is really answered by her lovers’ eventual absence. It may be in her song “Confession” that she comes to terms with her reticence “didn’t call you enough, should’ve cried instead of acting so tough.”

Yet, Rachael is not to be deterred with a breakup, as her heart is fully engaged in looking for love or the feelings that it provides. “Abby Would You Wait, gives a lot more possibility to a brief encounter, to finding a lover in “Everything” everything about this situation’s a surprise, I had almost given up looking into people’s eyes.

The album is expertly produced by Rachael herself, a polished and sophisticated work of art that utilizes not only her artistic expression, but also her skills as head of her own label and broad knowledge in the field.

Haunted By You is sure to take Rachael to a new artistic and critical height.

Kari Estrin

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