Maria Misgeld: Romans I Moll


Romans I Moll
Misgeld 001


Although it’s not Misgeld’s debut, the Swedish singer is pretty much an unknown name. On the basis of this, though, that might change. She’s a singer of real depth and passion, but with the deep shadows that seem to typify Swedish music in her voice, akin to her countrywoman Emma Hardelin, although Misgeld’s tone is purer. She covers a wide range of material, from her native land, Finland, Norway, Scotland and England, sometimes matching tunes from one place with lyrics from another. Backed by guitar, violin/viola and harmonium, she creates some beautiful music, whether it’s a version of a song by Scots traveler Sheila Stewart, or the closing, distant refrain of a herding call. This is very much a labor of love, a collection of material that Misgeld loves. That care comes across in the meticulous arrangements and the way she treats each song, caressing it, loving it and drawing out its core. There’s a strong streak of romanticism in all this, a small sweep that can stir the heart deeply. She’s a very real, mature talent, one with a real sense of being part of the Swedish tradition, but able to look beyond it, too, with style and panache.

Chris Nickson

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