STEELEYE SPAN: Now We Are Six Again

Steeleye Span: Now We Are Six Again

Now We Are Six Again
Park 113

No one else does it like Steeleye Span does it. Their unique blend of elegant singing (both lead and those perfect close harmonies) and full electric instrumental backing remains unmatched even after forty years!

Late last year Steeleye Span underwent a few new personnel changes and they are now back to a six member line-up with Pete Zorn (mandolin, sax, acoustic guitar, vocals) and Julian Littman (guitar, vocals) joining stalwarts Maddy Prior (vocals), Peter Knight (violin, keyboards), Rick Kemp (bass, vocals), and Liam Genocky (drums, percusson).

In honor of the new line-up, the Steeleyes decided to revisit their classic 1974 album Now We Are Six. So we now have this special two disc set—the first disc contains all of the Now We Are Six songs which includes such classics as “Thomas The Rhymer,” “Two Magicians,” and “Edward.” The second disc features a potpourri of Steeleye Span favorites, re-worked by the band’s new line-up.

As a long time Steeleye Span fan, I’ll tell you now that they still sound fantastic!! Maddy Prior’s soprano is still clear, sharp, and strong, and the group harmonies are full and precise. The well orchestrated instrumental parts seamlessly complement the wonderful vocalizing.

Of course all Steeleye Span completists will want this set, as will those who are already devotees of British folk/folk-rock. As for everyone else, if you’re not familiar with Steeleye Span’s work, this is good a place as any to start. Congratulations to Steeleye Span for their forty plus years of service!! Here’s to many more!!

Ken Roseman

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