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Updated June 18th, 2009

Sing Out! is committed to making our work as accessible as possible to our members, and the public, who may be visually impaired. If you are blind or have any visual impairment, please contact us about how we can best meet your needs. We are happy to make our material available to any public service or governmental agency who would like to create or provide a specialized version of our books or the magazine.

For subscribers or members who are visually impaired, we can supply the magazine -- by special request -- in RTF/MS WORD format which can be used with screen reading software to make the text in the magazine fully accessible. This can be delivered by email or web download to subscribers and members. If you would like to start receiving the magazine in that fashion, please contact our executive director Mark D. Moss via phone (610-865-5366 x203) or e-mail (see below), and he will make the necessary arrangements to ensure that these files are coordinated with your subscription/membership.

If you have any information about alternative ways to make the magazine more easily accessible, or if you have any contacts within the Blind or Vision Impaired community resources who can help us do that, please send those contacts to us as well!

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